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At Quarry Mount Primary, our Building Learning Power approach underpins our curriculum. We have used Guy Claxton's model, 'The 4 Rs', and have adapted it to create our very own 'HERO' concept.

Our children quickly become familiar with using the language of the 17 learning muscles to talk about their learning. We introduce each of the learning muscles in a systematic way so that the children gain a deeper understanding of each muscle and how they can 'exercise' it in order to become a better learner. We introduce a new muscle each term, starting in Reception, so that the children have a thorough understanding and are able to 'stretch' each muscle by the time the reach Year 6. Details about the 17 learning muscles can be found in the 'HERO information' document below.

Teaching of HERO does not change the curriculum content we teach.  However, the teachers will tell the children which learning muscles they will be developing and encourage the children to use these with each other and on their own. The children will be expected to talk about their learning. When there are challenges, the teachers will not step in too quickly but give the children time to exercise their learning muscles. The teachers will also show the children how they are learners, by modelling and sometimes saying that they ‘don’t know’ but show how to find out. We will praise the process of learning rather than just the academic outcome. Having made a good mistake and learning from it will be celebrated - it is excellent to have the skills to analyse a problem, the creativity to think of another way to tackle it and the resilience and confidence to have another go.

Each week during a class assembly, a child from each class is identified and celebrated as a Learning Hero for excelling in one of these areas. In our final celebration assembly each half term, each class teacher nominates a Learning Hero of the Half Term who receives a prize for working hard to strengthen a particular learning muscle.

Please see the documents below for further information.