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Pupil Voice and School Council 21-22

We hope to be able to share Pupil voice during this school year.
Come back and check!
Meanwhile thank you to our Rainbow Leaders who show their Rainbow support on Fridays for our virtual celebration assembly. 

They are Yara, Hiyab, Reman, Arash, Naeima. 

The School Council: 2019 - 20

Quarry Mount School council representatives have been chosen for this this academic year from years 1-6. Each candiate gave a short presentation to their class sharing the reasons they would make a good representative and then children voted for the boy and girl that they wanted to represent their class.

Now they have been elected the school councillors will attend meetings with Miss Meiklejohn, to discuss what changes and improvements the children would like to take place at Quarry Mount.

School councillors also help to organise charity events, decide the best way to spend our fundraising and even get involved in the process of interviewing staff!  


Our school councillors

Year 1 - Ibitsam and Harvey
Year 2 - Monika and Yonaton
Year 3 - Emaya and Mohamed
Year 4 - Layla and Mohammed
Year 5 - Zenat and Aland
Year 6 - Rayan and Ali
School Mascot Competition - February 2020

The School Council decided to run a competition to design your own school mascot. They thought that it would add to the team spirit of Quarry Mount along with things like our logo and our school chant. We had lots of entries from Reception up to Year 6. The School Council representatives had a very hard job in picking the winners. After much deliberation the prizes went to; Chra (Year 2) for her lovely QM bear and Jenson (Year 5) for his owl, Bright Spark. We hope they enjoy their prizes and continue to be creative!

Christmas 2019

This Christmas, the School Council helped to decorate our wonderful Christmas tree when it arrived at Quarry Mount. Thanks for doing a fantastic job!

Anti-Bullying Week 2019

As part of 'Anti-Bullying Week', the school council representatives presented an assembly to Key Stage 2 pupils. They performed a short scene showing how bullying might happen in school and what we could do about it. We talked about what it meant to be a 'bystander'. We talked about how we should not stand by while others are being bullied. We discussed ideas of what we could do to help our friends feel happy and safe at Quarry Mount. Some of our ideas were: 

"Talk to an adult that we trust if we are worried"

"Share games with younger children to help them build confidence"

"Speak calmly to each other about our feelings" 

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If you are experiencing issues with bullying, you can report it to an adult at school, at any time of day, using Tootoot! You don't even have to give your name! For more information visit: https://tootoot.co.uk/
New Games - September 2019

At the beginning of the school year, the new school councillors chose and ordered games for each class to use during indoor play and golden time. The children had practice in choosing age appropriate games and sharing out the budget fairly.  Uno and the jigsaw puzzles have proven most popular!

School Council Bake Sale Summer 2019
Thank you to the members of the school council for helping to organise a bake sale this half term. The bake sale was planned in order to raise money for games for indoor play times. The school council thought this would improve their classmates experiences when they couldn't go outside due to bad weather.

The representatives did a fantastic job of setting up the stall and taking payments. Thank you to all pupils and parents who supported our cause. Thank you to staff who donated cakes for the sale. We hope you enjoyed your cupcakes! 

We managed to raise £84.17!!! School Council will be choosing some games for the Autumn 2019 term. 


Red Nose Day 2019

This year, for Red Nose Day the School Council representatives decided to run a 'Red Nose' design competition. The competition was open to all children across KS1 and KS2. Children donated 50p-£1 to enter the competition, we raised a total of £35.40 for Comic Relief. Thank you to everyone who took part. The representatives took on the role of judges, choosing a winner and runner up from KS1 and KS2. Congratulations to; Yusra, Osama, Max and Hawar!

Anti Bullying Week 2018 - November 2018

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As part of Anti Bullying Week 2018, the school council put together a survey to find out about how bullying affects children in our school.  We felt that whilst we were recognising this by whole school assemblies and lessons in PHSE, it was a good opportunity to give pupils a chance to share their experiences. We want all children at Quarry Mount to feel safe and supported. The school council explained to their peers during an assembly that the survey would be anonymous. During play times the representatives spoke with their peers to ascertain the following: 

- Had they experienced bullying?
- If so, how often?
- Where it happened? 
- How many times? 
- By an individual or a group?
- Did they tell someone (parent, teacher or friend)? 
- Did they have any ideas to help?

A total of 30 children were surveyed. Of those 30, 1/3 said that they had experienced bullying but they hadn't told an adult as they were too nervous. The School Council representatives were surprised by this, one Year 4 representative said, "That makes me sad, I didn't think anyone would say that it happened to them," as a result they discussed what they could do to help. 

The School Council decided that they would speak again at a whole school assembly to make themselves known and offer their support to anyone who was having a difficult time at school. They agreed to be buddies at play times and we discussed the importance of talking to teachers or parents about concerns in the future so that issues can be resolved. 

The School Council have said, "We are committed to making Quarry Mount a fun and safe place for everyone. We love our school and want everyone to be happy." 

If you are experiencing issues with bullying, you can report it to an adult at school, at any time of day, using Tootoot! You don't even have to give your name! For more information visit: https://tootoot.co.uk/