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Local Summer Activities
Display boards

Quarry Mount's Top 5 Songs for Wellbeing display in the Rainbow Room, Self-Regulation Emotion Control display in the Rainbow Room, Professor Steve Peter's Hidden Chimp display outside the Rainbow Room and Quarry Mount's Top 5 Feel Good Films display in the dining hall

We recognise that times are really tough in the current pandemic and our Pastoral team of Mrs Georgeson and Miss Wickham are always here to help and signpost. Please contact school if there is anything we can help to do!

Emotional health & wellbeing:

Parenting strategies:



Family/parent & carer support:

Support for single parent/carer households:

There are several displays in school (Dining Hall and Rainbow Room), that recommend 'feel good' films and 'songs for wellbeing' as well as self-regulation emotion control, including Professor Steve Peter's Hidden Chimp.

Quarry Mount's Top 5 Feel Good Films are:
1. CoCo
2. Inside Out
3.The Lorax
4. Wall-E
5.Parent Trap

Quarry Mount's Top 5 Songs for Wellbeing are:
1. Count on me by Bruno Mars
2. Roar by Katy Perry
3. Can't stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake
4. This is me, The Greatest Showman
5. Everything is awesome, The Lego Movie

These films and songs are recommended as they cover loss, feelings, community, resilliance and conflict resolution
Place to be Mental Health activities
We hope that our pupils are so enthusiastic about their learning that they want to learn at home.  Here are some ways you can support your child:
  • Listening to them read (see the documents below for support with questioning them about their books)
  • Discussing characters and storylines from TV programmes or films
  • Baking together (weighing and measuring)
  • Practising telling the time
  • Working out totals and change on a visit to the shops
  • Encouraging them to do Mathletics and Reading Eggs online