Key Information  »  Statement of Values and Ethos

At Quarry Mount Primary School:

We work together to achieve our dreams

At Quarry Mount we aim to provide a creative and inspiring place of learning where our diverse community thrives through the commitment and care of dedicated staff. Our mission is to support the learning of our children to enable them to be the best that they can be. We are PROUD of our learning!


P – Prior Knowledge (building on previous learning experiences)


R – Respectful (we share and celebrate; culture, values, experiences and the development of ourselves and others in a respectful way; learning from each other)


O – Opportunities (we are inspired by immersing ourselves in creativity, reflection and challenge to grow: passionate, knowledgeable individuals with a love of learning)


U – Unique (we nurture all; through a culture of nurture, inclusivity, and high expectations to provide a warm, safe and welcoming space)


D – Driven (we succeed as learners; through enduring and persevering to help ourselves and others to achieve the highest possible standards for us and our whole school community)


The children who come to Quarry Mount Primary School are diverse, confident and energetic. The world into which they will live and grow is changing rapidly and is driven by technology. The jobs they will do as adults may not yet exist. They will face the challenges of living in multicultural communities and in a way that protects and preserves the environment. Parents tell us that their children learn well and enjoy coming to school. They also praise school staff for being welcoming and caring. Teaching English to pupils coming from overseas is highlighted as a strength.

Our Governors are passionate about our children developing a love of learning. They aspire to fill school with pupils who approach challenges with curiosity, excitement and persistence.

Governors also prioritise social development for children, valuing attributes such as empathy, resilience, consideration for others, and a strong sense of identity.

As professionals, we believe that learning and teaching are exciting and vital in providing young people with opportunities. We will inspire children to learn by offering relevant, quality first- hand experiences and will concentrate on teaching them the skills they need to learn how to be life-long learners.

We want our pupils to feel valued, safe and happy, and to view themselves as learners. Our HERO concept is a vehicle through which children, staff, parents/carers and Governors show appreciation for a wide range of learning characteristics.

We think it is important that all members of the school community have specific responsibilities. This includes leadership at all levels to enable individuals to thrive. Pupils take on the roles of Rainbow Leader, School Council representative and Junior Sports Leaders, and are provided with training to support them in fulfilling positions effectively.