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Welcome to Year 3
Important information:

Physical Education
PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays and children will need to come in their PE kit on these days.
PE kit should consist of a navy or white t-shirt and navy shorts or navy/black tracksuit bottoms or leggings. Children will need pumps or trainers because we will be outside as much as possible.

Reading Books
Books will be changed on Mondays/Tuesdays and will need to be returned to school on Fridays.  
Please try to listen to your child reading for at least 5-10 minutes each day.
Sharing a book at bedtime or reading a story to your child will help them develop a love for reading!

Spelling Tests take place on Fridays and new spellings will be given out the same day. Words will be given to your child which they can stick in to their spelling book at home. Please make sure that your child looks after their book and that you check it regularly. Thank you.

Homework will be given out every Thursday (Reading, Writing, GaPS or Maths will be given) and must be returned by the following Thursday.
Please practise times tables with your children so that they can learn them by reciting them and know them by heart. They should practise x2, x10, x5, x3, x4 and x8.

and finally....
If you have any questions about Year 3 and the things we do, please come and talk to either Mrs Clayton or Miss Bickler.

Model Text - Summer 2

This half term, we are learning all about North America. Our Model Text is a Non-chronological Report about the US state, Texas.

Summer 2 Topic Menu

Fancy a challenge?! Why not pick something from our homework menu and bring it into school (or a photo). A Homework champion will be chosen at the end of the half term!

Native American Hook

Our new topic this half term is Native America! For our hook, we created our own version of the Native American stick games. We decorated lollipop sticks using Native American patterns and then played the game in pairs.

Puppet Workshop

This week is the Arts week! To celebrate, we took part in a Puppet making workshop. During this, we had the chance to make our own dog puppets using brown paper and tape. We then practiced making our puppet come to life!

Summer 2 Curriculum Letter
Victorian Peg Dolls

In DT, we designed and made our own peg dolls!

Armley Mills

Today we visited Armley Mills as part of our topic work on the Victorians. We had such a fab day! In the morning, we took part in a Victorian Schoolroom Workshop where we had to pay our penny to enter the classroom, before being separated into boys and girls. We had a very strict teacher who we had to call Ma'am! It was great fun be able to write on slates and use dip pens to fill in our handwriting books. In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to explore the museum and learn all about life as a mill worker.

Victorian Hook

For our Hook this half term, we turned our classroom into a Victorian school room. We had to sit in rows facing the front. We practiced out times tables and handwriting, using black paper and chalk to mimic the Victorian style slates. Later, a few of us helped Miss Bickler to make some gruel just like in Oliver Twist. We all had a taste of the gruel. Some of us loved it but most of us found it disgusting1

Summer 1 Curriculum Letter
Model Text - Summer 1
This half term we are learning about the Victorians and the Suffragettes. Our model text is the famous rag to riches story of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. 

Summer 1 Topic Menu

Fancy a challenge?! Why not pick something from our homework menu and bring it into school (or a photo). A Homework champion will be chosen at the end of the half term!

Spring 2 Spellings

Pneumatic Monsters

In DT, we made our own pneumatic monsters using egg boxes. When we blew into the tube, it made the balloon inside inflate. This then made the egg box open!

Science Week 11.03.22

We had so much fun during our Science week! First, we built our own Worm World using layers of soil and sand. Then, we got to venture out into the nature garden to collect lots of worms! Over the week, we observed the worms to see if they caused the layers to mix up. During our Science Week investigation, we learnt all about the different types of rocks and soils that make up the Earth. Using strawberry sauce, biscuits and chocolate moose, we got to build our own 'Mud Pudding'. Finally, Mrs Clayton then let us eat them! Yummy!

Spring 2: Learn the Model Text
Use the video link below to help you learn the model text.
Video: https://vimeo.com/684790012/5efe89c2e4

Spring 2 Topic Menu

Fancy a challenge?! Why not pick something from our homework menu and bring it into school (or a photo). A Homework champion will be chosen at the end of the half term!

Model Text - Spring 2
We cannot wait to start reading our new class book called 'Dougal's Deep Sea Diary' by Simon Batram. Our model text this half term is a diary entry from Dougal himself!

Spring 1 - DT

For our DT this half term, we designed and made our own chocolate boxes inspired by our topic on 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.'

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - Greenhouse Words

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

Model Text - Spring 1
We are very excited to be learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this half term! Our model text is a setting description all about Mr Wonka\'s famous chocolate room!

Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter
Autumn 2 Spellings


Exploring materials - Today's Science lesson was so much fun! We were investigating which materials were the most reflective. We used a torch, shone it on each type of material and observed which one reflected the most light back. From our investigation, we learnt that the CD and foil were the most reflective materials because they were smooth and shiny!

Features of a Newspaper
In reading lessons, we have been learning about different types of non-fiction texts. This week, we identified the main features of a newspaper.

Ancient Egyptians

In Topic lessons this half term, we have been exploring how the Egyptians lived and comparing it to how we live today. We learn about the shaduf and how the Egyptians would used these to transport water from the River Nile to the land. In DT, we then created our very own shadufs.

Osiris - Model text

We have been working really hard to learn our whole model text about Osiris. This week, we have been practicing it in small groups and in pairs with all the actions so that can use it to help us later with our own writing.

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Egyptian Hook

A mysterious object appeared in our classroom this week. We weren't sure what it was but the strangest thing kept happening. Books kept falling off the tables, things were going missing and we could hear voices on walkie talkies. On Wednesday afternoon, we were locked in our classroom! We found the mysterious object with a note. An Egyptian curse was cast upon us! As a class, we had to work together to solve clues such as cracking hieroglyphics, finding all the Egyptian figure heads and dressing up as mummies before finally the curse was lifted and we were free! It was very scary!

Model Text - Autumn 2

This half term, our model text is all about Osiris, Egyptian God of the Underworld.


As part of our class Hook, Mrs Clayton decided to give out chocolate to the class. However, she only gave the girls the chocolate! We then discussed as a class the arguments for and against this. We agreed that it wasn't fair to only give the girls chocolate, especially if they hadn't earnt it.

Model Text - Autumn 1

In Autumn 1, we are learning a discussion about whether children should have to wear school uniform.