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Victorian School Trip - Summer 1

This half term, year 3 studied the lives of children living in Victorian times and compared them to their own lives. We were lucky enough to finish the term with a trip to Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills. We attended the Victorian school children workshop. We were able to take a step back in time to discover what life was like in the past. We learned the three R’s; reading, writing and arithmetic. We also took part in drill exercises and experienced how strict Victorian teachers could be. In the afternoon we explored the mill, where many young children would have worked. We even got to see some of the machines in action!

World Book Day 2018

Thank you to everyone for taking part in our rescheduled World Book Day. We loved seeing your costumes and hearing all about your favourite stories. We also had the pleasure of watching a theatre company bring our favourite characters to life!

Poetry - 'My Teacher Calls Me Sweetie Cakes' by Ken Nesbitt

Throughout the year we have been looking at and learning a variety of poems. The children have really enjoyed performing the poetry to one another. They have been working hard on showing expression through actions, tone, volume and intonation. Here they are performing one of Miss Meiklejohn's favourites!

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Golden Ticket Winners - Spring Term (1) 2018

This half term Miss Meiklejohn and Mrs Gough were on the lookout for Golden Ticket Winners. Children received Golden Tickets for various things such as; trying their best with their work, being helpful, perseverance and being kind to others. Children found the Golden Tickets hiding in their work which made for a nice surprise throughout the day. Well done to all the winners and to everyone in Year 3 for their continued hard work!

York Chocolate Story Trip - January 2018

This half term our topic was themed around 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl. Year 3 were lucky enough to visit York Chocolate Story where we learned about the history of chocolate and its origins. We also attended a Roald Dahl workshop which helped with our literacy. The experience provided a stimulus and ideas for our setting and character descriptions of a chocolate factory and it's owner.

Super Science - Autumn Term

This half term our Science lessons were focused on rocks and fossils. The children really enjoyed learning lots of new facts. We especially enjoyed being able to examine real life specimens, as well as making our own mould and cast fossils.

Christmas Play December 2017

Well done to the children in Year 3 and 4 for their fantastic performance of 'Baubles!'. The children worked extremely hard to learn their parts and rehearse alongside all their school work.

Leeds City Museum Trip 1st November 2017

This week Year 3 had a lovely trip to Leeds City Museum. Our topic this half term is Ancient Egyptians. The children enjoyed viewing the ancient artefacts, cracking codes, learning hieroglyphics and even seeing a genuine mummy!! We also had a chance to visit the Leeds story exhibit and find out how and why people settled in this area. The children were extremely well behaved and full of great questions. Well done Year 3!

Wow Work!

Thank you for all the fantastic topic homework that we received last half term around our Black history topic. We enjoyed reading all of the children's ideas and research about Ruby Bridges. We were impressed by the children's art and DT skills. We focused on the book 'Amazing Grace' in literacy and the children made lots of props that would help Grace in her school play; wands, wings, hooks and even a crocodile! We are looking forward to seeing what you can create this half term.

Welcome to Year 3! 

Important information:

Physical Education
PE days are Mondays and Thursdays and children will need their PE kits in school all week.
PE kit should consist of a t-shirt and shorts and a pair of pumps .

Reading Books
Please ensure that your child brings their reading book everyday.
Books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays but your child must have their reading diary signed to say they have read to an adult. Please try to listen to your child reading for at least 10 minutes each day.
This will help children to build their love of reading!

Spellings and Phonics
Spelling Tests take place on Fridays and new spellings will be given out the same day. Words will be stuck/written into the children's spelling books and tests will also be done in these books. Please make sure that your child looks after their book and that you check it regularly. Thank you.

Your children will be set reading homework on Tuesdays and will need to be completed for the next day. This will be an online homework on Matheltics or a worksheet. This will be sent out on Thursdays and will need to be completed for the following Monday.
A homework menu linked to our learning in class will also be sent out at the start of each half term. Each activity will be allocated points and you and your child can choose which activities you complete.
 We also encourage parents to practise times tables with their children so that they can learn them by reciting them and know them by heart. They should practise x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x8 and x10.
and finally....
If you have any questions about Year 3 please come and talk to either Miss Meiklejohn or Mrs Gough after school.

Year 3 have been practising French numbers. The children created a rhyme to help them remember. C'est fantastique!

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