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Welcome to Year 2
Important information:

Physical Education
PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays and children will need their PE kits in school all week.
PE kit should consist of a t-shirt and shorts and a pair of pumps .

Reading Books
Please ensure that your child brings their reading book and reading record book everyday.
Books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please try to listen to your child reading for at least 5-10 minutes each day.
Sharing a book at bedtime or reading a story to your child will help them develop a love for reading!

Spellings and Phonics
Spelling Tests take place on Fridays and new spellings will be given out on the same day. Words will be stuck/written into the children's spelling books and their test results will also be in these. Please make sure that your child looks after their book and that you check it regularly. Thank you.

Your children will be set 2 pieces of homework weekly. On Tuesdays they will be given a reading comprehension to complete for Thursday and then a second piece of homework will be sent on a Thursday. This will be an online homework on Matheltics or a worksheet. This will need to be completed for the following week.
A homework menu linked to our learning in class will also be sent out at the start of each half term. There will be six activities on this menu. Each activity will be allocated points and you and your child can choose which activities you complete.
 We also encourage parents to practise times tables with their children so that they can learn them by reciting them and know them by heart. They should practise x2, x10, x5 and x3.

and finally....
If you have any questions about Year 2 and the things we do, please come and talk to either Miss Horigan or Miss Leena or Mrs Logan.
Sports Day 2019!
Wriggly Roadshow

The children were lucky to have a visit from the Wriggly Roadshow. They got to see and touch lots of exotic animals! We found out lots of information about them too!

Baking for International Evening!

Year 2 baked Australian biscuits for International Evening! They were really yummy!


Year 2 were very excited to be given the opportunity to try out fencing in their PE lesson this week. I think we have some naturals! Take a look at some of our moves! On guard!

The Great Fire of London

A clip from our Great Fire of London day!

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The Great Fire of London

Year 2 was very lucky to have Art Forms come in to class for the day to deliver a session about the Great Fire of London. The children made houses to represent the ones that would of been in London during the great fire in 1666. We then took them outside into the nature garden where Annie showed us what would have happened once the bakery on Pudding Lane caught fire back on that day! We watched as the fire spread to all of our houses and burned them down one by one! A super exciting day! "We loved it!"

World of Work Week!

We had an exciting World of Work week last week. We had visitors from the PCO, parents and we pretended to be builders and worked together to build our own bridges. We found lots out about lots of different jobs and we talked about what we would like to be when we grow up.

Topic Homework

Here is the topic homework menu for this half term. They are all about The Great Fire of London!

Wonderful Homework!

Thank you for ll your lovely homework last half time! Special congratulations to Max who was our homework champion!

A trip to Tropical World and Roundhay Park!

We had an amazing day on our class trip to Tropical World and Roundhay Park. We enjoyed seeing all the different types of plants and animals in Tropical World then looking round the Park afterwards. We were very excited to see a flower display called 'Monet's Garden' in Roundhay Park because we have been recreating the painting in our art lessons back in school!

World Book Day!

Look at our amazing costumes on World Book Day! Well done to Emaya and Riley for being chosen as Year 2 Best Costume winners!


Look at what we will be doing this half term.

The Enormous Turnip!

This half term we are looking at the story 'The Enormous Turnip'. Here we are role playing the story out in groups!

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Amazing Homework!

Look at some of the amazing homework we did this half term. Our theme was 'The Jungle Book'. Special well done to our two homework champions for this half term, Khadiga and Muibah!

Exploring healthy lifestyles

In Science, we have been looking at being healthy. We found out about balanced diets and then we looked at different forms of exercise. Here are some pictures of us doing our investigation!


We created puppets based on animals you might find in the jungle and the the film 'The Jungle Book'. Some of us even made the character Mowgli, the man-cub in the film!

Space art!

We looked at the artist Peter Thorpe in our art lessons. He created wonderful bright space pictures using pastels. We tried to recreate some of his work - We think we did an amazing job!

Christmas with Aliens

We had great fun performing our Christmas play 'Christmas with Aliens' to our parents. We worked really hard on the show. There was lots of singing and lines to remember and some of us had to do a dance too! Here are some pictures of us in our costumes.

Visit from the RSPB

We had a lovely visit from the RSPB. We went searching outside for different wildlife, including birds and mini-beasts. We found out about different habitats so we knew where to go hunting!

Tinga Tinga Art

We looked at the artist Edward Tinga and created our own Tinga Tinga inspired paintings. We used the characters from the Tinga Tinga Tales that we read about in our English lessons.

Road Safety Day

We had great fun doing gymnastics in our PE lessons last half term. We loved going on the apparatus!