School  »  Members of Staff

Teaching Assistant
Mrs Robinson
Mrs Richards
Miss Boucher
Miss Paterson
Year 1
Miss Horigan
Miss O'Connor
Miss Vila Julia
Year 2
Miss Webster
Miss Iqbal
Miss Wickham
Mrs Padrao
Year 3
Miss Meiklejohn
Mrs Gough
Year 4
Miss Boyd
Mr Audus
Year 5
Miss Aspin Miss Price
Year 6
Miss Blackstone
Mrs Scotland (am)
Mrs Pelc
Miss Armstrong
Interventions   Mrs Collins
Mrs Pettman - Headteacher
Mrs Scotland - Deputy Head Teacher / Child Protection
Mrs Smith - SENCO
Mrs Morritt - Office Manager  
Miss Barrie - Administrative Assistant
Miss Whittingham- Administrative Assistant (p.m)     
Mrs Georgeson - Learning Mentor
Lunchtime Staff
Mrs Whittingham, Miss Whittingham, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Sati
We are fed by: Chef Graeme and Leeds Catering Services
The school is kept clean by: Angela & Danielle & Gifty
Pupil Development Centre Staff
PDC Manager – Mrs Richmond
Deputy Manager – Mrs Othick-Jones
Outreach Workers - Mrs Rukas, Mr Rivett

As a staff team, we have adopted the Leeds Guidance on Safer Working Practice as our Staff Behaviour Policy.